William Eborall

Photo: Will

Me and my Work: I’m working with a small sea creature called a “gribble” to learn how it is able to eat and digest wood so that we can use this to make petrol for our cars out of farming waste.

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Suze Kundu

Photo: Suze

Me and my Work: My mission is to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight, so that we can store the hydrogen and use it as fuel instead of petrol, coal and other horrible polluting fossil fuels!

Status: Thank you so much for all of your votes! I can't believe that I won! I actually cried at work - what a big girl! I really hope that you've all enjoyed the project as much as I have, and really hope to keep in touch with you all and hear how you're getting on. Thanks also to my Team EnGen mates, who have made me cry with laughter over the last two weeks with our ramblings! A very well suited bunch of people thrown together from different areas, and all in the name of science :) Take care, and thanks again! Suze xxxx

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James Marrow

Photo: James

Me and my Work: I’m working out how materials get damaged, and how to make them stronger and more resistant to damage.

Status: Out, but not down!

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David Ingram

Photo: David

Me and my Work: I try to understand the interaction of waves and tidal currents with electricity generation machines.

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