• Question: why are babies so cute when they are born ?

    Asked by sodiumpolyacrylate to David, James, Mike, Suze, Will on 18 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Suze Kundu

      Suze Kundu answered on 18 Jun 2011:

      I don’t think that they are cute when they’re born! They’re all scrunched up and look a bit purple! I think that it takes a few weeks for babies to start looking cute, although tiny feet and tiny hands and cute little noses are just adorable 🙂

      Maybe it’s some subconscious mechanism to keep animals and humans reproducing. If they weren’t at all cute, we wouldn’t all want to gurgle over them, or ever want to make any tiny little people ourselves, so the human race or animal life would cease to exist… but I really do think that babies aren’t that cute when they’ve just been born, sorry! 😛

    • Photo: William Eborall

      William Eborall answered on 20 Jun 2011:

      Hi sodiumpolyacrylate. I think young babies appear to us as cute as a reflex to make us look after them. To our instincts they’re an attractive (as in cute) thing that we are possessive of and what to protect. If we saw them as ugly (which as Suze says, they kind of are – they all look like Winston Churchill to me, even if they’re girls!) it would probably be a sign that we’re not as un-explainably attached to them as we should be.

      Does that make any sense? :S

    • Photo: James Marrow

      James Marrow answered on 20 Jun 2011:

      Speaking from experience, they are cute! (at least your own are, not so sure about other peoples!)