• Question: Hey Mike! Do you think that it is worthwhile studying internationally? If so, why? Thanks, Gab :-)

    Asked by gabyorr to Mike on 15 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Mike Dodd

      Mike Dodd answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      Hey Gab, I differently think it is worth while going to an international university to either study or as part of a placement. During my 4 years at Bath University, I worked in 2 american universities for 6 months each. This was a great experience. Not only a chance to see what science was like abroad, but also getting a chance to travel and experience some of the world. I have tried to travel around a bit, which is why I normally have no money 😉 There are some very different ways of teaching in other countries. I know that in America you do a more general undergraduate degree, so it might be science but you will also be doing other random subjects like history or French. This is meant to give you a more rounded personality, but you might not learn as much science, than if you had studied in the UK. In the UK, you still get a chance to try out other things, I know that some of the guys on my Biochemistry course were learning Spanish on Wednesday afternoons. Also with the current increases in university fees, it isn’t as expensive (in comparison) to study abroad as it used to be. Hope that helps, I’d be happy to answer any more questions