• Question: do you think that running cars on fresh air will work?

    Asked by kieran98 to James, Mike, Suze, Will on 22 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: James Marrow

      James Marrow answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      You need some way of produce energy by reacting with oxygen in the air – this needs a fuel which burns in the oxygen. That could be hydrogen, petrol or diesel, for example.

    • Photo: William Eborall

      William Eborall answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      Like James says, air by itself can’t run a car, it needs to be mixed with something to make energy.

    • Photo: Mike Dodd

      Mike Dodd answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      Someone has made a car that runs on compressed air. So in theory it is a car that runs on fresh air


    • Photo: Suze Kundu

      Suze Kundu answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      I was going to say no, until I saw Mikey’s link. Interesting! That does make sense when you think about it, but sounds mad 🙂